I’ve been broken and abused,
manipulated and used.
I’m damaged goods
a walking, talking human bruise.
Yet, I remain resilient.

I’ve wanted to die
been made to cry,
My smile is how I hide.
I’ve dealt with the sneers,
from your social veneers.
I’ve cradled my inner child,
lying, curled up on my side
to protect the good,
from your flock of sheep hooves.
But I’m still here,
and I am resilient.

I’ve allowed you to get
the very best of me,
with your emotional sodomy.
I hold it in,
and I hold it in.
Until my emotions burst
through the pores of my skin.
Yet, here I stand,
defiant in my resilience.
And after all of this,
you no longer exist.
I claim my personal space,
and I laugh in your face,
because, I am resilient.
D. Guyer


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